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    GPuncher - The Sheet Metal programming Software

      We got the programming system for your shop at the lowest price that you will ever find with all the tools and capabilities found on other expensive packages anywhere in the world. GPuncher will generate the most optimized g code with the less table movement of your punch press to increase part production in less time. Any postprocessor that we sell is already running in other shops in full production, so don't hesitate and buy it today!


    GPuncher Capabilities:

    • Super assembly version available *** Great product ***
    • Punching, laser and plasma supported for any machine brand
    • Develop your parts within GPuncher with all the modern tools needed for your flat pattern needs
    • Import you parts from other cad systems such Autocad or Solidworks thru DXF
    • Tool library and turret system
    • Autotooling, autoreposition and autosequence to speed up the g code generation
    • Multipart grid will allow you to nest different parts in your sheet
    • Autonesting available
    • PDFsheet report supported
    • Autoclamps reposition to punch in dead zones, watch video here.
    • Auto index turrets supported
    • Multitool supported
    • Tapping, Scribbing, Engraving tools are supported
    • Wilson wheel and all wheels are supported
    • Punch/Blade combo supported.
    • Optimized g code generation will reduce running time on your NC as well as double hits automatic removal
    • Laser cutting capability
    • Wire view or solid views with full color customization for a nice work space environment of your choice
    • File backup system
    • DXF shape to special tool auto detect and conversion
    • Special tool shape detection from DXF file
    • Text to geometry convertion
    • Rotate sheet to cut wider blanks
    • Super assy version available,watch video, fully capable of handling a full assembly in a single file, please ask*
    • And more... much more!  Request a trial version     Online software demonstration  
    • Supported machines:

      *** All Amada punch & laser machines are supported ***

          Pega 244, 344, 345, 357, 358S, 367 ; Vipros 255, 345, 357, 358, 367, 368, 558, 568, 2510k ; Coma 555, 557, 567, 588 , Aries 245, 222,     All Octos, Vela II 355 ,  EMLK3610NT, Arcade 210, 212, Apelios, LCE 655, etc...


      *** Others:

      • NIsshinbo HTP1000, HTP650, MAP1000, MAP500, BPM750, SPM750, HIQ1250
      • Murata (Punch, lasers and/or combo are supported) C1000, C2000, C2500, C3000, M2044, M2048, MAGNUM 5000, V3036, V3046, V5058,  M1250, 2044  2044EZ, M2125
      • Wiedemann W4560, W-3050, S2540
      • FinnPower TP-2015, TP-2620
      • PullMax  Pullmatic 156
      • Rainer
      • Mazak Lasers Lsr-Mazak 510 MKII, Lsr-Mazak Optiplex 3015(Control previw II and preview III)
      • Cincinnati Lasers CL-6, CL-7
      • Trumpf  Trumatic TC260R, TC260T, TC 200R, TC2000R, TC160R, TC500R, TC200R, TC2020R, Laser TC L 3030, 4030,6030 both controls(SINUMERIK 840D and BOSCH). All TC models punch and lasers supported.
      • All Strippits Punch, plasma and Laser  FC1000, FC750, 1250S, CAP1000, LVD P-1212, LVD P-1225, 1500 H/30, FC1000 II, FC1000 III, FC1000 XP-20, FC1000 SXP,  1000 H/30, 1000 M/30, 1000R, 630R, Delta 1000, Delta 1250, Delta 1500, PA-1530,  L VD Omega 1500, LVD Alpha 1012

        DeltaShape2, 1250 H20,  FC630R

      • Bystronics lasers: Bystronics Byspeed 3015

      • Pullmatic Pullmatic 156
      • Haco OMATIC 130 DTR, PUNCH MASTER 310
      • Euromac ZX1000/30, CX 1000/30, ZX 1250-30, MTX 1250-30, MTX12 1250/30-2500
      • Tailift   HPS1250, HPS1250X, HPS2500, VISE1250, CP1500, CP2500, HP1250, HP1500, HP2500
      • Whitney 3700 ATC
      • Diacro 36-20
      • YAWEI HPE series
      • RETROFITTED CONTROLS Fagor, PC800, MACH3, NC4, KARA cnc postprocessor available, Micon 486 programming
      • *** All Plasma and water Jet machines are supported, ESSI code supported

      • ESAB
      • FLOW
      • *New postprocessors:

            If your machine is not listed here chances are we have it, please get in contact and we will make a driver and postprocessor for your machine if we don't.


        < Supports Windows  XP, 2003, Vista, Wndows 7, Windows  8 and Windows 10, Windows 11 >

        Reccomended computer system   




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